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Stuckey’s Story: Reviving an Iconic Brand through Conscious Business Principles

What does it take to build a successful and thriving business with conscious capitalism at its core? Stephanie Stuckey, CEO of Stuckey’s, joins us to share her insights on how conscious business principles have propelled her company to financial success. From its humble beginnings during the Great Depression, Stuckey’s has grown into a strong brand with over 350 stores nationwide, thanks to the power of storytelling, investing in the community, and treating employees and vendors with respect.

In this episode, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of identifying a company’s core values and socializing them with the team, including frontline workers. Listen in as we explore Stuckey’s focus on sustainability and procurement standards, such as sourcing locally and elevating minority and veteran-owned businesses. Discover how spending time on human resources and engaging with the team can address issues and maintain a respectful, conscious company culture. Don’t miss this inspiring story of how conscious capitalism can become a driving force for success in today’s business world.



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